We believe that everyone has the power and the ability to grow natural, long, and beautiful hair. Our bottles represent the natural approach to beauty. What makes you amazing aren't the hours you spend doing makeup or getting ready, it's what's inside you that makes you amazing. The oils in our bottles simply work to bring out what is already inside of you, allowing you to show off your beauty to everyone around you.

4 + 8 Oz Bottle

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100% Natural Oils of Almond, Argan, Avocado, Castor, Coconut, Jojoba, and Olive.




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Apply your oil on wet or dry hair and it will feel healthy and moisturized all day long. No more dry, broken, or damaged hair. The natural nutrition and moisture-protection in Mammoth Oils gives you the "Just Left The Salon" feeling every time you apply it.

For those of you who shower in the morning, immediately after you shower is the best time to apply it as your pores are open and ready to accept the vitamins and minerals contained in it.

Other users will apply our oil at night before bed, wrapping their hair in a t-shirt to allow the oils to soak in over night. Wake up and your hair will be as soft as baby's skin and will be moisturized all day long. No, our oil doesn't leave your hair like a hot greasy mess. Mammoth Oil was designed to be extremely lightweight and doesn't weight your hair down.

Experiment with it! No one knows your hair better than you, so don't let us tell you how to take care of your hair!