My Story

The day after my wedding, I cut my hair. I was desperate. My hair was falling out, it had stopped growing when it reached my shoulders, and everytime I got my hair done my stylist would need to cut my ends because they were damaged, split, and dry. Doing the big chop was so scary so if you are battling with your spirit, just do it!

I reached the point where I had had enough and decided to go all natural. I didn't realize what "going natural" meant at the time but it was one of the best decisions I ever made! I cut my hair all the way up to my ears and shaved my sides. I'd love to say it has been smooth sailing ever since but that would be a lie. My sides were the worst. The short hair would dry out and break off all the time. And the hair that was still a decent length gave me all kinds of problems because I had no idea what the real texture of my hair was because it had always been permed and relaxed with chemicals. When the new hair started growing, it was this super curly, coily, knotty mess.

I was desperate yet again. Looking everywhere for something that would help protect my hair and allow it to grow naturally to its fullest potential. I bought so many products that I lost track of all of them (you should've seen my cabinet!). Sadly, none of the products worked. My hair would still dry out and break off. Then I was turned onto these things called natural oils. I began experimenting, literally spending hundreds of dollars to find something that worked.

I came up with a mixture that I believed gave my hair all of the nutrients and moisture that my hair needed. I wanted my hair to grow, feel healthy, and look naturally beautiful again without looking too oily (which is why the "oils" idea scared me). After 6 months, my hair had grown so much that it was at the same length it was before I cut it and maybe even a little longer! My hair has never felt healthier and it no longer broke off or dried out.

I have been using this blend of oils for nearly two years now and my hair has continued to grow, blowing past the original stopping point of my shoulders and making it all the way to my bra strap! After a year of using these oils, God provided an opportunity for me to share my findings with the rest of the world and help turn people's visions into realities.

P.S. Mammoth Oil also works great for skin!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at I've been where you are and I'm in this with you!


Fancy K.

Mammoth Oils CEO