Psoriasis and Mammoth

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What Is Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an incurable disease, for now. It is extremely unpleasant and can really have a huge impact on your life or your loved one's life.

This post is not us promoting ourselves as the world's best remedy for psoriasis, because that would be wrong. However, this post is aimed to serve as more of a news briefing to let those suffering from psoriasis know that some of our users have begun using our Mammoth Oil on their flare-ups and have started to see incredible improvement.

See, researchers have shown that psoriasis is a genetic issue. Nearly 10% of the population has the genes that can cause psoriasis, but only 2-3% actually experience flare-ups*.

What's actually happening is that the genes responsible for your immune system can get confused. They begin behaving as if there is something wrong when everything is perfectly normal. This is why you will notice red, flaky patches of skin. Your body is causing inflammation in that area which causes skin cells to produce anywhere from 5-10 times faster. This causes a build-up of skin cells that appear dry and itchy.


Psoriasis Flare Up

What Causes Flare-Ups

One of the worst things about psoriasis is that flare-ups can happen for nearly any reason. Most cases are attributed to an emotionally stressful or traumatic event. However, an injury, alcohol, medications, being overweight, and even changes in hormones can cause harsh and painful flare-ups.

Mammoth As A Remedy

Flare-ups are simply your body inflaming certain areas of your skin and producing extra, unneeded skin cells. What makes Mammoth effective as a remedy for psoriasis is that the oil contained in our bottles fights inflammation while providing added nutrients to help the skin recover.

We aren't saying to buy Mammoth to cure your psoriasis flare-ups, because it won't. But if you have tried every other remedy under the sun and have found zero relief, give us a try! It can't hurt! You're bottle could be on its way before you know it.