Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Nowadays, people seem to put every kitchen product they can find into their hair. Thankfully, olive oil is one of the ones that has been proven to be extremely powerful in helping your hair grow stronger and healthier.

Olive oil is full of healthy acids like oleic and palmitic acid. These are things called emollients which help your hair soften.

This oil works by penetrating the hair shaft and helping the strands hold on to moisture. This gives your hair that healthy bounce and shine as you go throughout your day.

Packed with Vitamins B and E, along with minerals like zinc and silicon, it acts as an anti-bacterial. It is also great at hydrating hair and keeping moisture locked in place throughout the day.

Benefits For Your Hair

  • Hydrates Hair.

  • Fights Dandruff.

  • Prevents Split-Ends and Damage.

  • Works Great on Chemically-Damaged Hair.

  • Softens Hair.

Why We Love It

Olive oil is incredibly consistent! It's like that friend that you have who always has your back and is always in your corner (boxing analogy). We love friends like that, which is why we made sure olive oil was one of the key ingredients in our Mammoth Oil.

Our oil is designed to give you healthier and stronger hair, and olive oil plays a key role in this process.