Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan Oil

What is argan oil and why do we use it?

Argan oil is an oil derived from the argan fruit. It is packed with nutrients like Vitamin A and E. In fact, the trocopherol contained in Vitamin E helps your body regenerate and produce cells. This actually improves the texture of your hair, allowing it to feel healthy, soft, and smooth.

When argan oil is massaged into your scalp, it nourishes the keratin of your hair which also helps your hair not feel so coarse and rough.

Benefits For Your Hair

  • Minimizes Frizz.

  • Minimizes Split-ends.

  • Treats Damaged Hair.

  • Is Effective on Color-Treated Hair.

  • Aids in Cell Regeneration.

Why We Love It

If you have ever used an argan oil product before, either for your skin or your hair, you know how silky-smooth everything feels after it has been applied. This is one of the main reasons it is an ingredient in our Mammoth Oil.

Our oil is designed to give you healthier and stronger hair, and argan oil plays a key role in this process.